Gielen Trading is a very dynamic, Belgium based company. Our enthusiastic team is ambitious to develop existing business and search for new opportunities. Therefore, the range of activities and area of geographic presence has expanded rapidly over the years. We produce, import, promote, distribute and sell carefully selected brands of luxury jewellery and fashionable accessories in Belgium and many more countries worldwide.

We can also rely on a close network of partners, such as resellers and franchisers, who share our values and ambition to create added value for our customers. As an example, our premium brand PANDORA is now distributed by some 200 upscale jewellers and proudly presented in about 25 flagship stores.


Gielen Trading strives to acquire a leading position in the international fashion and accessory market.

In close cooperation with our stakeholders, Gielen Trading aims to create and retain brand and product appreciation among our customers.


Before jewels become a girl’s best friend, there needs to be love at first sight. Gielen Trading believes that the visual attraction of products is the most important part of the selling process. Therefore we invest in the best stylists and visual merchandisers.

They create, guard and enforce the image of each brand we represent. Based on their experience and permanent monitoring of customers needs, our merchandisers use a wide set of modern presentation tools. This professional service offered by Gielen Trading has proven to be a great asset for all shop owners in our network.


Products with great value sell themselves. Presenting the collections of Gielen Trading is not considered a hard job for our salesforce. Their enthusiasm about our high level quality products is easily transferred to resellers around the world. The right mindset created around our brands and a range of powerful marketing tools facilitate the sales process towards end customers. The international sales experience and product knowledge of our multilingual staff is available for our partners in a professional, hands-on training program. Providing everything necessary to boost sales of our partners: that’s the core business of Gielen Trading.


As part of our allround service to local shop owners and international trade partners, Gielen Trading runs its own workshop. Highly skilled and experienced goldsmiths repair the finest jewellery and watches from all over the world. Closely monitored within fixed timeframes and safety regulations, craftsmen of Gielen Trading also upscale jewellery and watches, for example by adding stones or converting old gold to new fashionable creations.